Christian Wirkner: Logenkultur und akademsiche Aufklärung


The goal of my project Logenkultur und akademsiche Aufklärung – Freimaurerei
in Göttingen zwischen 1765 und 1793
is to show how educated men first
started to organize apart from the state. The secret societies of the 18th
century played an important part in this endeavour. The founding of the
Georg-August-Universität in 1737 turned Göttingen into a centre of German
enlightenment. Many scholars and students moved to the small city on the Leine
river. Soon the first secret societies were founded.

In my project I take a look at two masonic societies active from 1765 to 1793.
For roughly 20 years both societies existed beside each other, recruiting new
members mostly along the scholars and students. This fact shows why the
research of the two societies “Augusta zu den 3 Flammen” and “Zum goldenen
Zirkel” is an unique opportunity: two societies of the 18th century can be

Gotha is closely related to Göttingen’s masons. Men moved from one city to the
other and some of the most important members of the secret order of the
Illuminati were also freemasons in Göttingen. In the mid 1780s some of them
moved to Gotha.

During my stay at Gotha’s Forschungsbibliothek I looked into the history of
Gotha’s masonic society “Zum Kompaß”, and already I found similarities and
differences of Göttingen’s and Gotha’s masonic past.

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3 Comments on “Christian Wirkner: Logenkultur und akademsiche Aufklärung”

    10/05/2013 at 00:02 #

    Is there a list of Masons in Gotha? Where were the meetings held?

  2. 07/06/2013 at 16:28 #

    Where were the first Masonic meetings held in Gotha?

  3. Christian Wirkner
    19/06/2013 at 11:56 #

    @ A list of Masons in Gotha exists, but can only be looked into under permission of the Berlin Great Lodge.
    @ Cliff: First meetings were held in 1741 in a palace in Molsdorf, a village close to Gotha. Later the lodge moved to Gotha.

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