Stipendiatenkolloquien am 13. Oktober 2016: Fesseha Berhe

Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016, steht nach der Sommerpause wieder ein Herzog-Ernst-Kolloquium auf dem Programm: Fesseha Berhe (Mekelle) spricht im Rahmen des Perthes-Seminars um 14:00 Uhr über Examining the Developments of the Lowland-Highland Territorial Concepts in Northern Ethiopia. Für dieses Projekt bearbeitet er seit Mitte Juni ausgewählte Bestände der Sammlung Perthes. Wir freuen uns über alle interessierten Zuhörer, die zu uns ins Forschungszentrum Gotha kommen (Seminarraum im Pagenhaus, Schloss Friedenstein).

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten. Hier eine kurze Einführung:

Fesseha Berhe: Examining the Developments of the Lowland-Highland Territorial Concepts in Northern Ethiopia

The research project’s major focus is analyzing the Perthes map collection, particularly the 19th century historical maps, to understand the developments of lowland-highland territorial concepts in the region. It takes the Dobᶜa as example, but also looks at other comparable groups and regions along the fringes of the Tigrayan highlands. The project examines the representation of local knowledge (locals’ territorial conceptions) on the maps. It also assesses the contribution of these maps to our understanding of inter group interaction in the northern Ethiopia region particularly between the highlanders and the lowlanders. The importance of these maps in documenting ethnonyms and toponyms and in establishing local boundaries is also assessed.

Fesseha Berhe is a PhD candidate at EHESS-Mekelle University, and working as Assistant Professor at the Department of History and Heritage Management, Mekelle University. His research focuses on ethno-history, migration, and oral traditions in northern Ethiopia, particularly in Tigray.

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